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Vote for the Woman Suffrage Amendment, November 6, 1917.

Letter to Susan B. Anthony from Abigail Bush, April 14, 1898; regarding the 1848 Rochester Women's Rights Convention. This letter offered Bush's thoughts regarding the 1848 Rochester Women's Rights Convention.

Pendant measuring 2 inches on a 28 inch black string. Front of pendant shows image of Susan B. Anthony and the back reads: "Perfect equality of rights for women. Susan B. Anthony". The pendant was given to the recipient by Susan B. Anthony after the…

This is a reproduction of an 1850s-era garment in which the bodice and skirt were simply a cut-down version of a full-length gown. Printed cotton was a fashionable choice for leisure wear, and wool trousers were practical for warmth when a lady was…

A printed account of the proceedings of the trial of Susan B. Anthony on the charge of illegal voting in the presidential election of 1872. Includes the transcript of the trial of Beverly W. Jones, Edwin T. Marsh, and William B. Hall, the inspectors…

Copy of 19th_Amendment_Democrat_and_Chronicle_Tue__Jun_17__1919_.jpg
Headline from Democrat & Chronicle, June 17, 1919, regarding the 19th amendment being passed.

Letter from Elizabeth Cady Stanton to Susan B. Anthony, April 27, 1898. Stanton wrote this letter to be read at fiftieth anniversary celebration of the 1848 Rochester Women's Rights Convention.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton address at Seneca Falls, 1898
“What were the causes that roused women…”

Elizabeth Cady Stanton address is read by Jessica Lacher-Feldman:

"What were the causes that roused women to the consideration of their political…
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