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Dr. Kate Johnson – Jackson
Dansville, N.Y

With the hope that the records contained in this book may stimulate all who read to work for the complete enfranchisement of women – and thus place their states by the side of Wyoming, Colorado, Utah and…

Ann M. Harper earned this diploma when she completed the course of study for the Martha M. Harper School of Shampooing and Scalp Treatment in 1911. She furthered her education by attending Summer School and Brush Up Courses from 1940 - 1950.

Newspaper Clippings and Documents Scrap Books- Pasted on Book, "Anti-Suffrage Articles." Anti- Suffrage articles concerning Caroline F. Corbin (president of Illinois Remonstrants Against Woman Suffrage).

Copy of Blackwell.jpeg
Henrietta native Antoinette Brown Blackwell completed a literary course at Oberlin in 1847 and petitioned for acceptance into the theology program there. She was admitted to study with the understanding that the school would not license her to…

The New York State Woman Suffrage Association held its 37th annual state convention in Rochester in 1905 and honored Susan B. Anthony throughout the week. The official badge featured her picture and favorite quotation: "Perfect Equality of Rights for…
On Election Day, 2016, thousands made a pilgrimage to grave of leading suffragist Susan B. Anthony, to celebrate the promise of a woman being elected as president of the United States for the first time in history. “Because of Women Like Her”…

Banner logo for Because of Women Like her exhibition in Rochester, NY.

A card containing a Bible verse about the dangers of wine.

Built by Smith H. Phinney, circa 1895, who used oak and maple for the frame and tires.

This is a reproduction of an 1850s-era garment in which the bodice and skirt were simply a cut-down version of a full-length gown. Printed cotton was a fashionable choice for leisure wear, and wool trousers were practical for warmth when a lady was…
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