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Photograph of Susan B. Anthony

Banner logo for Because of Women Like her exhibition in Rochester, NY.

Map of the Concrest Development in East Rochester, NY. Kate Gleason was instrumental in the creation of the housing development, which aimed to provide afforable housing to the working class. The development included 55 houses built between 1919 and…

Ann M. Harper earned this diploma when she completed the course of study for the Martha M. Harper School of Shampooing and Scalp Treatment in 1911. She furthered her education by attending Summer School and Brush Up Courses from 1940 - 1950.

Nancy Ann Wise used the Harper Method Beauty School Training Manual in 1955. It gives instruction for all Harper Method services, and includes anatomical drawings of the arteries, veins, muscles, and nerves of the head, face, and neck. Massage was an…

This Harper Method Shop Directory was published in 1940, and lists 420 shops in the US and Canada.

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Produced in six volumes from 1881-1922, History of Woman Suffrage documents the movement’s presence in the United States. Written by Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Ida Husted Harper, and others associated with the National Woman Suffrage…

Harper Method brush.

This small enameled pin designates graduates of the Harper Method course of instruction.
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