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This small Harper Method comb, possibly used for teasing the hair, is made of hard rubber.

Harper Method scissors.

Harper Method products were meant to be compliment each other in a complete beauty regime. Make-Up Remover Cream was used when a "quick clean-up is desired without the thorough cleansing provided by the Cleansing Creams".

Harper Method Ointment for the Hair was produced from 1888 on in Rochester. According to the package, it "regulates the normal secretion of natural oil, corrects dry & eczematous conditions of the scalp, overcomes the most stubborn cases of dandruff,…

Powder shaker for Harper Method's Contoure Body Powder.

This shaving knife was made in Germany for the R. & C. Thompson Company of Baltimore, Maryland. It is their "Velvet Edge" model. Ca. 1920.

The Marcel Wave hairstyle was very popular in the 1920s. This electric iron allowed Harper staff to create the short hair style quickly and easily.

Powder shaker of Harper Method Professional Dry Shampoo Powder.

This is one of the prototypes Martha Matilda Harper had built as she developed her idea of a reclining shampoo chair. The cane seat was comfortable and attractive, but not very strong. Shampoo chairs with solid seats became the norm in Harper Salons.

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Eleanor Gleason, a lifetime member of the Women's Council at the Rochester Institute of Technology went to France to settle her sister, Kate Gleason's, estate and brought some of her treasures with her back to the United States. About 1958, Eleanor…
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