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Portrait of Martha Matilda Harper showing her floor-length long hair.

This photograph depicts the inside of a Harper Method hair studio. One woman sits in a chair while two other women stand brushing her hair. A reclining shampoo chair and other tools are visible in the picture.

Portrait of Kate Gleason

Photograph of a house in the Concrest Development in East Rochester, NY. Kate Gleason was instrumental in the creation of the housing development, which aimed to provide affordable housing to the working class. The development included 55 houses…

Photograph of Gleason Tool Company located at Brown's Race in Rochester, NY.

Photograph taken inside Harper Salon during a trade show demonstration. One woman is seated in a chair while two other women stand applying a facial treatment. Two posters are shown in the photograph with the following text: "Central council of…

Drawing of We the Women of the Iroquois. Depicts a group of women suffragists holding a sign saying Woman Suffrage and a group of Iroquois people with a list of various entitled rights such as the right to own land and the right to equal…

Freeman Johnson's gustoweh. A gustoweh is a traditional Haudenosaunee fitted hat with feathers affixed to the top. It is worn by males and identifies the nation the man belongs to, depending on the placement of the feathers.

The Mother of Nations pipe.

Salt glazed stoneware jug with cobalt decoration, of the type often used for spiritous liquors.
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